Seat cowl for Multistrada DVT 1200-1260 matt finish


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Can be installed on Multistrada 1260-S-D|AIR-PIKES PEAK-GRAND TOUR-2015-2020 - not installable on 950 and Enduro

Exclusive registered design of Aviacompositi

Our tail in carbon, it is installed in place of the passenger seat using the same attachments and the opening with the key as for the passenger seat.

Weight: only 270 grams

Suitable for high rider seat position. For the low rider seat position, it can still be installed but a space of about 1 cm remains betweens the seats.

Designed to give an aggressive MotoGP look and at the same time elegant and harmonious, its particular shape between soft and decisive curves is a perfect mix that perfectly integrates into the stylistic context of the bike. Its particular shell geometry allows to considerably increase the volume of the glove compartment while being lower than the passenger seat.

The difficulty in making the edges with a very low radius, the integrated rear carbon hook and the presence of the red Ergal pin for the lock, make this piece a valuable product to be absolutely distinguished from the simple shell saddle cover.

Made of the same Ducati style carbon, it's cured in autoclave with high pressure, temperature and vacuum to guarantee low weight and high rigidity.