Windschield Multistrada 1260-950-Enduro with red stripes and Italian flag


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Carbon Windscreen for all models DVT comprised the Enduros, this Windscreen has been designed and extensively optimized to obtain smoother aerodynamics and an aesthetic that well integrates with the bike, not least taking into account the protection to be offered to a navigator. It's available with different finishes, red or silver stripes instead of white or no stripes, with or without "tricolore" flag and possibly also with glossy carbon.

It comes with mounting screws made of stainless steel, no modify for installation are necessary, it's installable in 5 minutes using the three original fitting points.

Technical specifications

Surface layer - Carbon 3K plain as the original Ducati parts

Finish - Very high quality anti U.V. clear varnish, matte finish according to our internal specifications "Avia-Ultramatt"

 - about 150 grams, lightweight, flexible and robust as an aeronautical or Formula1 part

Aerodynamics - minimized the typical aerodynamic disturbance of the windscreens called "buffeting" effect