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Codino monoposto multistrada 2015-2020

Single seat tail for Ducati Multistrada DVT 2015-2021

Tail in carbon fiber with Italian tricolor painting for Ducati Multistrada 1200 2010-2014

Single seat tail for Ducati Multistrada 1200 2010-2014
Carbon fiber tail with Italian tricolor painting for Hypermotard 1100 - 796 with mono exhaust

Single seat tail for Ducati Multistrada DVT 2015-2021


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We come from the Aeronautical sector...

Our Carbon fiber accessories benefit from all the technologies and peculiar characteristics of the Aerospace sector, Formula One or America's Cup boats. In addition to their perfect manufacturing, the parts produced by us are protected with transparent anti-UV paints of very high quality and applied with the best possible technique as is done for the painting of Supercars, Airplanes or Yachts. But to delve deeper into the many technical aspects it is important to read the following article which explains in detail why our accessories make a big difference in quality, aesthetics and durability over time.

Many reasons to choose our products

As mentioned, coming from the aeronautical sector, we apply all the typical quality and accuracy criteria linked to this sector to our carbon fiber products in both design and production. In fact, we use the most modern technologies such as 3D CAD design, 3D scan, computer simulation, CNC milling, 3D printing and much more, but we also apply our long artisan experience and extreme care which is fundamental in the processing of carbon fiber to highest levels.

The carbon fibres, once stratified by hand in the mold with the right orientation, also applying the necessary reinforcements in the most stressed parts, are polymerized in an autoclave with high pressure, vacuum and controlled temperature as happens in Aerospace production, in Formula One, in America's Cup boats and much more. This care and attention in the workmanship makes the aesthetics of our products astonishing both for the perfect arrangement of the fibers without distortion or fraying, the low weight, the mechanical resistance and for the very brilliant and flat glossy surface finish obtained by painting with transparent lacquer according to the our internal specifications "Avia Ultragloss" or in the case of matt paint "AVIA Ultramatt".

Often low quality products that appear well made and shiny in the photo have an attractive price, they are sold as "polished or polished carbon", which translated means "not painted with transparent protection paint" but only polished with abrasive pastes, thus obtaining a non-full and mirror-like shine of the surface, as can be achieved with a perfect painting and finish, but an uncovering of the fibers from their resinous matrix which results in a truly low-level aesthetic appearance, furthermore the parts without the necessary anti-UV protection have poor resistance to yellowing and durability, in these cases it is not uncommon to see parts that are a year or two old yellowed by the sun with the surface corroded to the point of appearing sandblasted.

It is clear that in addition to accurate workmanship, high-level painting involves a lot of additional work which has an impact on the final cost, but the relationship between quality and price and the durability of our products is decidedly unparalleled, confirming this, there are customers around the world who have been using our products for more than 20 years...

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Universal dashboard EVO2  Carbon fiber parts for Ducati mv-agusta-f3-aviacompositi-oscura-carbonio-full-carbon-m.jpg



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Some of our milestones: the carbon fiber tail for Ducati Hypermotard with monoexhaust developed by us in collaboration with the Italian "Hypermotardclub", carbon fiber tail-seat cowl for Ducati Multistrada 1200 - 2010-2014 and 2015-2020, several types of windshield for Multistrada, carbon fiber complete fairing for MV Agusta F3 and much more..

 Codino in carbonio per Hypermotard con monoscaico Codino carbonio Multistrada 1200 Seat cowl for Multistrada DVT 2015-2020

Windshield for Multistrada DVT 2015-2020 Cupolino Multistrada 2013-2014 Cupolino per Multistrada 2010-2012 Cupolino Multistrada 2010-2012 



Carbon fiber fairing for MV Agusta F3  Tail in carbon fiber for MV Agusta F3Carbon headlight for MV Agusta F4 



 Carbon fiber mirrors

New life for Ducati Monster first series

Bringing the Ducati Monster first series back to life, here there are some of our historical accessories re-proposed with current technology. These accessories are part of the glorious history of this bike from the 90s and also our history.

             Contagiri per Ducati Monster M900-750-600              Clutch cover for Ducaati models

Copricinghie Ducati Monster M900Copricinghie Ducati Monster 750-600 Copricinghie Ducati Monster M900-750-600 con policarbonatoPrese d'aria per Ducati Monster M900-750-600