Carbon fiber tail for Ducati Hypermotard 1100-796 twin exhaust with Led rear light

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1100 EVO SP - 1100 EVO - 1100 - 796


It was developed in collaboration with the Hypermotard Club - - and has been designed for the Ducati lowered saddle but it also fits well with the standard one. In relief in the lower part there is the logo of the hypermotardclub from which we are exclusively authorized to use it. This element also allows to recognize an original Aviacompositi carbon fiber tail.

It is protected and has a very high surface finish by painting with anti-UV transparent according to our internal specifications "Avia Ultragloss" like all our products.

Assembly is "PLUG & PLAY", simple, fast, without making changes to the bike. The kit is complete with screws and brackets for the saddle.

The kit is complete with screws, saddle brackets and E11 approved LED rear light with a plug corresponding to the one on the motorcycle.

It's suitable for original or other exhaust systems and it is extremely robust, carbon fiber and the production technology are of the "structural" Aeronautical type

Considerable weight saving:

weight of the original parts: 1200 gr. approx.
weight of the carbon fibre tail Kit with rear light and brackets and screws: 600 gr. approx.
saved weight: 600 gr. approx.
weight of the original licence plate holder 515 g. c.a. You can save much weight changing it with a lighter licence plate

Avaliable with coloured grids in red, black or colour upon request to specify in the order at chechout or asking us after checkout by email.