Chain guard cover for Multistrada DVT 1260-S-D|AIR-PIKES PEAK-GRAND TOUR


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Chain guard - cover

This chain guard has been designed to perfectly cover the chain guard itself and in the front part it has also been extended to close the spaces between the chain guard and swingarm as much as possible. The perfect construction by hand, the very high-quality matte finish and the plain 3K textured carbon fiber make it a perfect piece for a Ducati Multistrada level motorcycle

Why a cover?

On the latest bikes the chain guards have become increasingly difficult to remove so much that in the Multistrada and several other bikes if you wanted to replace the original chain guard with another you should remove the rear wheel, so it is much more practical a cover that you can install in 2 minutes and that it turns out to be also much cheaper.


The fixing is done with a special high-strength double-sided adhesive already placed by us inside the cover itself.

Also available with a glossy finish