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Where possible the harness is supplied with the square or round plug suitable for the Ducati model where it will be installed. In other cases the harness is supplied with single wires and a connection data sheet; any connection error do not normally cause any problem either to the EVO2 dashboard or to the motorcycle. If necessary, however, it is possible to request telephone or e-mail assistance. The speed sensor in the harness supplied by Us replaces the original sensor of the motorcycle, both mechanical and inductive of the most modern models, in the purchase notes it is also possible to request the long cable to apply the sensor on the rear wheel instead of on the front one as per standard product.


Since on some Ducati models, by removing the original dashboard the function of the turn indicators is lost, for this models the harness is supplied complete with external relay for their operation.

For 1198-1098-848-999-749 the harness also allows correct operation of the headlight controlled by its own switch and flashing lever.

Attention - except the old Ducati models up to 2002, all models from 2003 onwards (square plug) have the immobilizer that must be disabled. It can be made by reprogramming the ECU. For more informations send Us an email to: info@aviacompositi.it